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  1. Torani Syrups

    12 Pack (Mix-Match) Torani Syrup 750ml


    Mix and match your case of 12 Torani Syrups - Wholesale Prices

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  2. Torani 6-unit 750ml Bottle Rack

    Torani 6-unit 750ml Bottle Rack

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  3. Torani 750 ml. SYRUP pump

    Torani 750 ml. SYRUP pump

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  4. Torani Syrup RED Pour Spouts (12 count per bag)

    Torani Syrup RED Pour Spouts (12 count per bag)

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Torani, the #1 specialty coffee flavoring syrup brand in America, brings more than 75 years of flavor-blending expertise to everything they make. Torani Syrup includes naturally flavored regular gourmet coffee flavoring syrup and sugar free coffee flavoring syrup, premium mocha sauces, Caffioco frozen coffee blend and Frusia true-fruit puree. When looking for flavored Syrup for coffees and drink creativity in espresso bars, restaurants and at home, let Torani syrup be your inspiration and your coffee flavoring syrup of choice.
The Torani syrup flavor movement, often referred to as the "beverage rennaissance", has changed the beverage world. It all started with Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre's introduction of the Torani Syrup Italian soda over 75 years ago and continues to define modern drink forms to this day.

The first use of Torani syrup can be traced back to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco in 1925. Some of the 20th century's most acclaimed artists such as Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, have called the North Beach area home. And Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre were no exception. Using Italian coffee flavoring syrup recipes in Italy, they began blending Torani syrup in the back of their North Beach grocery store. Mixing rich flavorful Torani syrup with sparkling water and ice, The Torre's introduced the classic Torani syrup Italian soda to local cafes and coffee shop. The overwhelming response made it clear the world was ready for a new way of drinking coffee related beverages.

It was in the early 1980's that the Torani coffee flavoring syrup movement started to gain mass appeal with the introduction of the Torani syrup flavored latte. While sitting in San Francisco's landmark Caffe Trieste, "Brandy" Brandenburger- a coffee industry veteran- was inspired to experiment with Torani flavored syrups, espresso and steamed milk. And thus, the first flavored Torani syrup caffe latte was created, changing the course of espresso based drinks history forever. Torani syrup has been a part of the coffee house and caf‚ culture for decades. The popularity of Torani coffee flavoring syrup for specialty drinks and the support of retailers has helped make Torani syrups the #1 specialty syrup brand.

Millions of Americans and now cafe goers in international cities around the world enjoy Torani syrup in their favorite espresso and non espresso beverages. And Torani syrup continues to stay on the creative edge with new product lines and ideas including sugar free versions. After all, you never know where the next flavored caffe latte will appear, but you can be sure Torani syrups will be there.

What began as five traditional Italian flavored coffee syrup for coffees has expanded to more than 60 flavoring Torani syrup and a host of superior beverage-flavoring products. Today, Torani syrup is the best-selling line of a gourmet coffee syrup in North America. Each premium flavor is still made using only the finest ingredients.

Back by popular demand, Torani is reintroducing our Classic Hazelnut syrup and Classic Caramel syrup, starting today. Also available in Sugar Free, these traditional flavors are well-loved by customers, and are staples for creating a successful menu to build your business.

We're committed to offering you the most premium flavors, with the right profiles to suit your customers. With two varieties of both Hazelnut and Caramel now available, we are confident we have the flavor profiles for your business and your customers.

For the 4th consecutive year, Torani is continuing its' Limited-Edition Art Labels program. This year, Torani Raspberry and Sugar Free Raspberry syrup bottles will sport the limited-edition labels created by children in after school art programs. These bottles will be sold from August through December of 2008 and five percent of the profits will be donated to Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to affordable, quality programs for children nationwide.

Torani has a strong passion for building its communities and is honored to partner with an organization that empowers kids to be creative. Over the past three years, Torani has helped raise over $150,000 for Afterschool Alliance. By featuring this year's winners on two of the top selling fruit flavors, we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.
Torani is dedicated to bringing you the best tasting flavors, products and menu ideas to make you the most successful year-round. To continue to deliver on this promise, we are now offering two unique flavors of dairy-friendly syrups – Red Raspberry and Orange. These are the application specific flavors you want and need on your menu to create flavorful milk-based beverages and satisfy your customers’ tastes.

Premium Ingredients
Made with all-natural flavors and pure cane sugar, Torani syrups capture delicious and craveable flavor profiles.
Category Leader
Torani is the #1 brand of coffee flavoring syrups in America. By developing innovative products, we continue to share our flavor expertise.
Torani's Portfolio of Flavor
Torani offers all of the flavors and products to make a menu stand out. From smoothie bases to sauces and more than 80 syrup flavors, the possibilities are limitless.