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Fetco Handle Operated Series

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  1. Fetco CBS-51H-15  (Single Station)

    Fetco CBS-51H-15 (Single Station)

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    Fetco CBS-51H-15 (Single Station) Learn More

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  2. Fetco CBS-52H-15  (Dual Station)

    Fetco CBS-52H-15 (Dual Station)

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    Fetco CBS-52H-15 (Dual Station) Learn More

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  3. Fetco CBS-52H-20  (Dual Station)

    Fetco CBS-52H-20 (Dual Station)

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  4. Fetco CBS-61H  (Single Station)

    Fetco CBS-61H (Single Station)

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    Fetco CBS-61H (Single Station) Learn More

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  5. Fetco CBS-62H  (Dual Station)

    Fetco CBS-62H (Dual Station)

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    Fetco CBS-62H (Dual Station) Learn More

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The Fetco handle operated series allows you to brew delicious coffee with the simple turn of a handle. These Fetco commercial coffee makers are ideal for small to medium sized venues, and have a brewing capacity of up to 3 gallons. These Fetco coffee machine models are designed for simplicity, and as such come standard with pre-programming functionality that allows you to input you to pre program your favorite coffee recipe. Once you have completed the pre-programming process, each new batch can be started by turning the handle. This intuitive, one step process, expedites production time and ensures that you have a consistent supply of delicious, hot coffee. The most popular Fetco coffee machine model is the twin 1.5 gallon brewer because it provides the flexibility to brew to recipes simultaneously and is extremely reliable. The coffee is brewed directly into our insulated dispensers, which allow for easy transport and ensure that flavor integrity and temperature are maintained throughout service times. Order these quality Fetco commercial coffee makers from Kaldi today!