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  1. Double Snack Master Panini Grill

    Grillmaster Double Panini Grill

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  2. Single Snack Grillmaster Panini Grill

    Grillmaster Single Panini Grill

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People are big fans of Panini because of their delicious taste. They love having healthy sandwiches every now and then. Are you among those people who love having Panini all the time? What about adding this item to your own menu?

Commercial Panini grills are there for you and they can be very much beneficial in this regard. Such a machine is the main thing you need for this new venture. There are few factors that should be considered to get a quality commercial panini press which are mentioned below.

The first thing you need to know is whether your business requires a single or a double grill. It depends on the demands of the customers. However, remember that the demand may be short for now and thus you may prefer a single grill. But what if the demand suddenly rises to a great extent? Keep this factor in mind before buying a commercial panini press.

The plate design should also be considered. There are different options available for commercial panini machines, including smooth plates and ripped plates. Another thing to consider is the timing. A programmable timer is very much essential in extremely busy kitchens.

If you would like to provide your customers tasty Panini, you have to purchase high-quality panini grills. So it will definitely be a bit expensive. You have to think of it as a long-term investment. Moreover, a high-quality commercial panini press will require little to no maintenance and provide you services for years.

Only you know which commercial panini machine might be best for your business. Note down your needs and start searching for one today. Remember, your customers always hope to get tasty and delicious Panini from your restaurant. So never disappoint them by buying a low quality commercial panini press just to save some bucks. This will ultimately lead to having less customers and your business will miss out on the profits it deserves through customer satisfaction. Order commercial panini makers from Kaldi today!