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Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea

USDA Certified Organic
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5 for $45.25 $9.05per pound
Click "Customize and Buy" to choose Type, Roast and Grind for your wholesale coffee bean order of Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea in 5 pound bulk bags. Cupping Notes: Chocolate, nutty flavor with a slightly fruity finish of cherry undertones and hints of vanilla. Balance and smooth aftertaste.

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5 for $45.25 $9.05per pound

Organic Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea in the south-western pacific is known for its unique ‘coffee gardens’ certified as organic coffee lots. There is something truly aboriginal about the Organic Papua New Guinea coffee harvests for their tropical geographical setting and the spectacularly rich biological diversity. Amazing coffees are grown without any intervention of chemical herbicides or fertilizers to get the flavor of region-centric profile in gourmet coffee cups.

Indigenous organic coffees like the Papua New Guinea Organic Korofeigu are the painstaking effort of the Korofeigu Farmers’ Co-operative Society. The co-operative society backs the traditional spirit of the Papua New Guinea ethnic communities around the valley of Eastern Highlands in Bena Bena where economic instability plays havoc on the lives of the farmer-harvesters. Comprised of more than 90 farmer-members, this remarkable endeavour has resulted in strengthening economical foundation of the New Guinea highlands and preserving the bio-diversity of the surrounding areas. The mountainous moist & loamy soils and the abundant tree shades have lent a unique texture to the organic Papua New Guinea coffee beans by helping the harvesters to turn coffee into a profitable source of earning revenue.

Majority of the coffee plantations are of small hold and fragmented type cultivation size of around 112 hectares. Efforts are being made to send villagers from the Korofeigu surrounds to dedicated institutions to train them in coffee cultivation.
The co-operative society has been instrumental in turning the indifferent attitudes of the local people, joining hands with the youths to bring a sea change in coffee production.

Taste Characteristics:

Organic Papua New Guinea gourmet coffee beans show the robustness and a clean, consistent fruity taste. They tend to exude perfectly balanced sugary body leaving you the smooth aftertaste of Mexican chocolate. Most of the organic beans are of washed quality and sun dried with rounded, ginger-toned acidity. The Arabica bean varieties of Blue Mountain and Arusha are harvested during the months of April to September.

Organic coffees from Papua New Guinea have a subtle acidity with chocolate and cedar merging with woody notes. These organic coffee lots are known for their consistent smoothness and complex, rich characteristics masked by citrus hints. The earthy, wooden flavor and the honey like aroma make it succinctly special amongst the organic bulk ensemble. As these organic lots are cultivated with no toxic chemicals, they retain their rustic characteristics. The farmer-harvesters usually trim the coffee plants at the end of the harvest season to encourage better harvests in the coming cultivation cycles.

Coffee Growing Regions:

Majority of organic plantations in the Papua New Guinea are based on the provinces of Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands, Korofeigu and the Simbu region. Coffee beans are produced in the Bena valley with micro-holding conditions in the mountainous milieu. The coffee industry has not grown on large scale as it was not conceived as colonial plantation-based production. Rather it was maintained by small farms with meager holding sizes. Along with the subsistence crops, coffee beans are harvested to get the truly ‘garden coffee’ flavor comprising small lots of near about twenty trees.

The highland wind patterns and the tropical location contribute to the diversity in single-origin organic coffee profiles from the cultivation zones of New Guinea islands. The loamy soil and the sufficient moisture content help the beans to grow better with heightened fruity sensations.

Harvested in the growing altitudes of 1400-1900 meters and cradled in the canopy of the rainforests, Organic Papua New Guinea coffees get the full-bodied cup profiles of sweet, gingerly acidic tones.

Why Buy Organic Papua New Guinea:

The tropical rainforest conditions in the New Guinea and the slowly rising elevations of the region make it perfect for the Organic Papua New Guinea coffee harvest. The climate is good enough to tap in moisture needed for maturation of the beans.

Suppliers of organic coffees like New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports encourage gender equality, financial resource management and extend help towards several pressing social awareness issues like HIV/AIDS prevention along with procuring organic certification for the farmers. Now, coffee serves as means of income to the one third population of the island. That’s how you get the savor of the pristine Papua New Guinea organic lots with their innate island charm at prices that won’t hurt your pocket.

If you are a real coffee aficionado, never tired of trying organic micro-region profiles, make room for this Organic Papua New Guinea coffee harvest. Avail discounts from online distributors & suppliers on organic wholesale and bulk coffee purchases. Plunge in the floral aromatics delving deeper into the syrupy notes relentlessly crafted by the farmers from the remote isles of New Guinea.

Cupping Notes

Chocolate, nutty flavor with a slightly fruity finish of cherry undertones and hints of vanilla. Balance and smooth aftertaste.