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Malawi AA Fair Trade Mzuzu Women’s Coffee Policy

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  • Malawi AA Fair Trade Mzuzu Women’s Coffee Policy

Fair Trade Malawi AA Mzuzu Women’s Coffee Policy

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Malawi Fair Trade Coffee

Malawi, in Africa, is known for its unique geographical indication as a south-eastern strip and landlocked country surrounded by neighbours like Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. While colonized, this country was exploited for its rich resources of cotton, coffee, lumber, tea and tobacco to serve the empire’s trade needs. Coffee as a cash crop was recognized by the Malawians well after the African country got independence and organized sectors like the regional Cooperatives came into play. The land has got immense potential for specialty gourmet coffees like the Bourbon varieties of Arabica coffee beans, SL-28, Geisha, and the market prospects are not that gloomy either.

Most of the Malawi Fair Trade certified coffees are planted by small landowners and family owned farms with the plant size of meagre 1-2 hectares, using centralized coffee mills to process their crops. The Malawi Mzuzu Cooperative consists of more than four thousand small scale farmer-producers spanning over five different coffee growing zones. Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union in the Northern parts of Malawi contributes largely to the imports of superior quality Fair Trade coffee beans.

The specialty grade Malawi Fair Trade beans has a reputation among the coffee drinkers, who love the regional cup profiles. You’ll even discover coffee blends from indigenous coffee varieties like the Malawi Mzuzu AA Women’s coffee blend. Around two hundred farmers contribute to make this blend mix of 80% Catimore and 20% Geisha variants of Arabica coffee.

Quite attractive in taste and body, Fair Trade beans can arouse coffee drinkers round the globe. They will definitely go for the delicate roasts with aromas ranging from wine to corn syrup.

Taste Characteristics

Malawi Fair Trade coffees are 100% Arabica whole bean coffees, with smooth, mellow floral undertones with caramelized flavour of tangerine peels, cocoa and spices that melt in your mouth. The high hills with the elevation range of 4000-6500 ft nurture the coffee beans to be matured slowly to gain its softer and creamier body as compared to the other coffee variants from neighbouring countries. You’ll simply adore the satisfying smooth finish with less acidity, and crave for more.  

The coffee beans are of washed variants, de-pulped and dried for future transport. The whole beans are well balanced in their sweetly acidic taste, reminiscences of a good wine and hints of tropical fruits, orange, berry, lemon mingled with the sweetness of jam, caramel, molasses to raise the complexity in taste, most drinkers prefer in their cup.

Geographical Orientation

Elevated at 6500 ft, grown at the highlands of Misuku hills, near the shores of Lake Malawi (1000-2000m), the unique Malawian varieties enjoy the subtropical climate. The clay, rich in mineral contents, contributes to their smooth finish and desired floral undertones. The beans are harvested during the months of May through to September with the expected arrival period of December to February.

The Malawi Fair Trade varieties are smaller beans which give the beans its ethnic character. It is the collective labour of the single-origin coffee growers to narrow sourcing them, for better traceability of the coffee origins and how they’re separated and distinguished by their geographical indications.

Why Buy Malawi Fair Trade

Malawi Fair Trade contributes to the export ensemble of the country along with tobacco, tea, sugar and cotton. It’s fast gaining ground due to its exceptional cup profile coupled with ideal growing parameters. Though the superior quality Malawian coffees are rare and fewer for exports unlike its Kenyan counterparts, you’ll get fair deals from the supplier and distributor of these coffees with discounts on purchases. While you crave for something different in your coffee palate, a Malawian variety is a good value for your efforts worth.

Fair Trade, as the name is suggestive enough, is the fruit of cohesive efforts from different regional cooperatives and coffee importers working hard to ensure fair purchasing practices from the farmer-growers to ensure steady and long standing supply of coffee beans. This ensures healthier working conditions of the farmer-harvesters and better climate protection. Not only that, they take care of the farmers loans and forest preservation, so that the ethically sourced coffees can have a global outreach for bulk and wholesale trades and the farmers get their share of premiums on the gourmet coffee crops. The Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative categorically voices gender equality and encourages community ethos and various community betterment projects.

So, before you start your cuppa, it assures to know that farmers are paid for their labour. And, you get to savour the taste of Africa, shelled within the coffee beans.