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Tanzanian Peaberry Green Coffee Beans (Not Roasted)

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  • Tanzanian Peaberry Green Coffee Beans (Not Roasted)

Tanzanian Peaberry Green Coffee Beans (Not Roasted)

Sold in 1 pound increments.
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Tanzanian Peaberry Green Coffee Beans (Not Roasted)

Tanzanian Peaberry Green Coffee Beans (Not Roasted) for sale in 1 pound (16 oz) increments.

A coffee plant produces a fruit that is known as the coffee cherry. These fruits ripen and turn red much like the other cherry fruits we know. When you break open a coffee cherry you will generally discover two seeds inside the fruit. The two seeds grow closely together and they press against each other making a flattened surface on part of each seed.

Sometimes a coffee cherry has only one seed inside. That one seed is known as a ‘peaberry’. The peaberry seed is said to make a better tasting cup of coffee because the one seed got to absorb all of the nutrients and flavors that the coffee cherry produced. Instead of the good qualities being divided between two seeds, the peaberry gets all the great aspects.

Tanzania is located in Africa on the eastern coast. Coffee beans are a large part of the produce grown in this area. The coffee from this area is often compared to coffee beans from Kenya.

What Varieties of Coffee are Grown in Tanzania?

The majority of coffee plants grown in Tanzania are of the Arabica variety of coffee plant. N & KP, Kent, and Bourbon are the three most prominently grown Arabica varieties found in Tanzania.

The three most distinctive coffees produced in this area are:

  • Moshi
  • Arusha
  • Kilimanjaro

How do People Describe the Flavor of the Tanzanian Peaberry green coffee beans?

All of the coffee from Tanzania is said to be full bodied with a sweet flavor that reminds you of berries in the summer. Sometimes the beans have a fruitier flavor and there are some instances where a cedar undertone is detected in the coffee brewed from these beans.

It is not uncommon to get coffee beans from this region that has flavors reminiscent of black tea, kiwi fruit, chocolate, lemons, and even blackberries. These coffee beans are very unique, bold, and highly flavorful.

Before grinding the Tanzanian coffee beans may emit an aroma that reminds you of a soft pipe tobacco, but after grinding the aroma may be closer to that of the sweetness you smell in brown bread that is fresh from the oven. Some people liken the aroma from the ground Tanzanian coffee to the aroma of molasses.

What Features are Consistent in Tanzanian Coffee Beans?

The most consistent characteristic of the Tanzanian coffee beans is the bright and citric acidity that lends a unique twist to the flavors of the coffee.

When you roast Tanzanian coffee until it is considered to be a dark roast the flavors of berry are more prominent, and a hint of a black pepper will be present.

When you roast Tanzanian coffee until it has reached a city roast you will find the coffee has a more floral scent than when it is green or dark roasted.

When you brew the Tanzanian coffee beans without roasting you get more of the fruity undertones, and more of the exotic chocolate and kiwi flavors.

How is Tanzanian Coffee Processed?

All coffee beans in Tanzania are wet processed, or washed.

When are the coffee crops harvested in Tanzania?

The harvest period in Tanzania lasts from July until February. The coffee beans may make it to the market place in a manner of weeks from the harvest or it could be months before the beans make it to the market place.

How Can I get the most Flavor from Tanzanian green coffee beans?

The best way for you to get the maximum amount of flavor from your green coffee beans from Tanzania is for you to purchase no more coffee beans than you can use in a one year time period.

You will also want to buy green coffee beans and grind them for yourself because once a coffee bean has been put through a grinder it will begin to lose flavor. The older the ground coffee gets the less flavor that it has.

If you desire roasted coffee then it is best for you to buy the green coffee beans and roast them yourself if you want the freshest flavor possible. When a coffee bean has been through the roasting process it naturally begins to lose some of its flavor and aroma. In order to get the most from your Tanzanian coffee you will want to buy green beans within a few months of their harvest, roast and grind those beans yourself, and do not store ground coffee, but grind the amount you need for your daily brewing purposes.