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Egro One Top Milk XP (Top Milk Fridge not included in price)

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  • Egro One Top Milk XP (Top Milk Fridge not included in price)

Rancilio Egro One Top Milk XP Super-automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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Brand: Rancilio

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Rancilio Egro One Top Milk XP NMS Superautomatic. On-site installation included in price.

Egro One, A New Benchmark for Espresso Based Drink Making


  • Two grinders & hoppers
  • Centralized hot water
  • Americano bypass single cup
  • Single Milk Pump System


  • iSteam - Intelligent steam wand
  • Multi-Milk – Enables machine to deliver two different types of milk  (Multi-Milk SW touch screen option needed for this option)
  • Multi-Drink Software: Software upgrade with ability to offer over multiple sizes of drinks in simple build-a-drink format
  • Powder Module – Enables machine to deliver mochas or hot chocolate
  • Lock Package – Locks for hopper, grounds drawer, and fridge
  • Credit Card Reader – Side unit credit card reader with lock package for self-service


  • Rancilio Egro One Cleaning Tablets Kit
  • Top Milk Fridge (KS9) – 6.5 liter (1.7 gallons) countertop Refrigerator fits perfectly on the left side of the machine
  • Use your own under the counter fridge with top access holes
  • Beverage Air Workstation - under the counter workstation fridge with milk delivery hose access

Rancilio Egro ONE superautomatic espresso machine is finally here to change your entire outlook towards coffee. Your morning coffee’s will never be the same; Egro ONE brings to you the most advanced, best of its kind coffee machine which is guaranteed to give you the best coffee of your life; each and every time.

With a simple, beautiful design, outstanding performance and minimalistic user interface, Egro ONE is going to become your favorite machine within seconds of meeting it! The easy to understand user interface makes it a breeze for anyone to operate the machine with ease.

The ONE Touch comes in a compact design which is just what you need, a simplistic user interface, and a beautiful 5.7” full color display which is operated by a simple touchscreen.

What makes the Egro ONE so versatile and user friendly? With 48 different options to choose from, each option comes with its own little colorful, easy to understand icon, so that the barista never has any problem in choosing from so many different options.

The super friendly and useful touchscreen display allows the barista to accurately view the status of the drinks being served at that moment, the pre-selected drinks on wait, the progress of service and also the status of the machine. What’s more, you can even view text messages on the screen display of the machine which will are included with the machines reporting systems.

Whether you are looking for the perfect coffee machine for your hotel, a restaurant, a chain or a convenience store, the Egro ONE will prove itself worthy of being the best companion for all of your coffee needs.

Simplistic and easy-to-understand Interface

What can be more terrifying than having one of the best, most advanced coffee machines but having no idea how to use it? Well, with the Egro ONE, a barista will never face that issue! The user friendly interface of the Egro ONE comes in three different configurations which make it a breeze to work on the machine.

The Keypad comes with 10 key buttons which can be used for selecting 5, 9 or 16 drinks. The best part is that the barista can customise the icons of the drinks to make it easier for him to remember the different orders and their icons!

Touch Standard is more advanced, coming with 48 different products to choose from. The barista can easily scroll through the different product options with the help of easily customisable tools and icons. It is even possible to upload pictures or videos and put them up as the screensaver on the display.

The Touch Multi Drink Software comes with more than 1,000 different product configurations and is by far the most advanced and versatile tool.

The machine is apt for self-servicing, as the simple interface makes it easy for any individual to select his specifications- the cup size, the choice of drink, the kind of milk or powder they prefer, etc. Making coffee has never been more fun and easy!


Taste premium quality coffee like never before;

Brew your coffee in a stainless steel brew chamber with 18 grams brew chamber capacity

Use DURA BREW; a patented technology which ensures that you get the best flavor out of your coffee, spend the least amount of time and effort in maintaining the machine and end up maximizing overall profits and minimizing overall costs.

The dispensing spout is easy to remove and clean; allowing you to maintain top quality hygiene

The grind pulse sensors work in unison with the steel burrs, ensuring that you always get a perfect consistency in your coffee and all your other beverages.


Egro ONE Top Milk XP guarantees to bring to you precision, versatility and accuracy in delivering milk and other milk based products.

You can program the software and customise a specific temperature, texture and setting for different drinks.

A patented MLR (Milk Line Rinsing) ensures that the product is cleaned rapidly and accurately with the help of cold water and air- ensuring that proper hygiene is always maintained while still saving up on electricity consumption.

A space saving technology where the fridge is placed under the system; now store up to 4 litres of milk easily without taking up extra space. The patented milk level sensor also allows you to accurately view the level of milk so you can top it off as and when required.

Set any kind of refrigerator under the counter; as you like!


The Powder Module has been designed specifically to deliver a perpetually growing list of delicious beverages. The device is placed externally on the right hand side of the machine; two independent hoppers delivering powders at high speed and high accuracy for a variety of beverages.


The water and steam feature on the machine deliver high performance and great dependability.

4-Tea feature has a load of different settings for infusions and tea essences of varied nature.

The iSteam feature on the machine produces hot and frothy milk automatically to complement your hot beverages.

The iSteam Plus feature (available only for ONE Pure Coffee) delivers high quality steamed milk for even tastier beverages. The product has been designed to reliably deliver milk to locations with a very high preference of hot, milk beverages

The Cool Touch wand is thermally insulated and provides safety and reliability when cleaning.


Dura Brew
  • Dura Brew

The Dura Brew system on this machine has been specifically designed for enhancing the flavor and producing the perfect brew for American and North European style beverages. The stainless steel, 18 grams brewing unit consists of a patented hermetic closing unit which is helpful in reducing maintenance, thus reducing the overall running costs of the machine.

Self Adjusting Grinder
  • Self-adjusting Grinder

There are several factors which are beyond the baristas control when it comes to the quality of your coffee. Some of these factors could be the weather conditions, the storage condition of the coffee, the temperature inside the coffee machine, and the time period that the machine is being used. However, the automatic regulation technology of the machine grinder uses a certain algorithm which is capable of correcting all of these external factors which are responsible for changing the quality of your coffee. The duration of the brewing time of your coffee is kept constant, no matter how these other variable factors change. Accordingly, the grinder begins its coffee grinding process, thus delivering a constant brewing quality for your coffee at all times.

  • Automatic spout

The automatic spout can be a blessing in disguise, especially when you consider the fact that different beverages use different cup sizes and quantity of liquid. The system automatically adjusts the height of its brewing spout according to the kind of beverage which is selected and the cup size, thus ensuring that your drink is delivered accurately, precisely and without causing a mess. The automatic spout is extremely useful for self-service places and keeps the station clean at all times without causing unnecessary spillage.

  • Powder inlet

The powder inlet on the ONE machine is so versatile and flexible that you can use it in a variety of simple ways for your pre-ground coffee. This feature is particularly useful for serving decaffeinated coffee.

  • Cold milk foam

The cold milk foam system on the ONE is patented to produce the perfect milk foam of three types for all of your favorite creamy, cold milk beverages that you love so much. The cold milk foam technology can be configured to produce three different densities of cold milk foam; according to the beverages needs. From low calorie desserts, to cold syrups, cold beverages and even chocolate powder drinks of different types, the cold milk foam technology is absolutely a godsend. The super-fast and accurate rinsing system allows for quick rinsing, cleaning and maintaining hygiene at all times.

  • Milk system

The Milk System on the Egro ONE offers you with an unbelievable variety of milk solution to all kinds of yummy creamy beverages. The milk dispensing spout has also been designed to easily come off into two individual pieces, thus making cleaning so much easier. The consistency and temperature of the milk for different beverages can be customized to deliver the perfect blend and the most delicious beverages to all customers. The patented MLK or Milk Line Rinsing System ensures that the milk system is automatically rinsed with cold water and air, ensuring utmost hygiene and minimum electricity consumption. The daily wash cycle of the machine is so accurate and reliable that all you need to do is simply add the detergent, and the rest of the cleaning will be done automatically by the machine!

  • Fridge under machine

The bar counter is a place which can easily get crowded with different kinds of products and tools, making it difficult to manoeuvre around the counter with ease. Keeping this problem in mind, Egro has designed an easy solution by placing the fridge under the machine as a space saving solution! The fridge which is placed under the ONE machine comes with an amazing 4 litre tank and can monitor and display the milk levels to allow the barista to know when it is time to add some more milk to the fridge. The smart sensor also detects the beverage which has been ordered and delivers exactly the amount of milk which is required; not more and not less. This also ensures that there is no unnecessary spillage and wastage. In case there is not enough milk to make the next beverage, the fridge will not allow the milk system to pour the next drink till the milk level is topped off.

  • Quick milk fridge

The quick milk fridge is a real, miniature fridge with a capacity of 4 litres, a stainless steel door, a light and portable, yet strong and sturdy material. The quick milk solution is the perfect solution for dispensing exact amounts of milk for particular, precise beverages.

  • Cool Box 6.5

The Cool Box 6.5 is an easy, practical solution that this coffee machine needs in order to accurately dispense and store milk for its beverages. The ergonomics of the product have been improved with the addition of a modern door handle. The Cool Box 6.5 comes with an internal light feature, improving visibility and acting as a user friendly device for all its users.

  • C-Lever with Cool Touch

Accidental touches and injuries due to the hot steam wand is something very common to baristas. However, the C-Lever with Cool Touch comes with a special insulated double layer coating which keeps the outside of the steam wand cool, and the inside of it piping hot for the perfect steam for your beverages. The excellent design and fit of the product make it a perfect complement with the rest of the design and structure of the Egro products. The simplistic and user friendly nature of the product make it a favorite amongst all users.

  • C-Lever

As if the new technology with an ergonomic design was not enough to complete the steam valve, it has also been equipped with a special control knob, and an open-stay and open-close function. With a simple rotation of just 25 degrees, the value can be operated easily; turn it clockwise to open it and keep it open, and turn it anti-clockwise to automatically close it after release. Daily tasks have never been simpler.

  • LED Lights

The specially installed LED lights beautifully and brightly light up the drink delivery area, not only making it look aesthetically pleasing, but after performing a variety of functions at the same time. The blue light on the machine indicates that the machine is ready to use, the white light turns on for dispensing drinks, the red light indicates that the machine is not yet ready, and the green light indicates that the daily cleaning process is going on.

  • Option-self

If a professional, self-service machine is what you are looking for; the Egro ONE is the best deal for anyone. The ‘Self’ option on the machine automatically locks the Doors For Coffee Drawer, USB Port, Powder Inlet and Bean Hoppers features. The Steam features as well as double shots features also get automatically locked during the ‘Self’ option. Along with that, a central hot water outlet along with an ejection device for wasted coffee can also be selected. The small cup holder design allows customers to always position their cups accurately in the machine and avoid any spillage or wastage. The extremely simplistic and user friendly interface can be used by anybody without any kind of hassles.

  • Cup warmer

The cup warmer feature on the Egro ONE coffee machine comes with a great, spacious cup warmer which regulates the temperatures on the three shelves.

  • Payment systems

The Egro ONE comes with a variety of easy payment systems, some of them are;

  • Change giver
  • Smart card reader
  • Coin acceptor
  • Customised payment systems
  • A connection to an external registration system
  • Snap and Share App

The Snap and Share app is a unique and innovative tool which allows you to interact with the coffee machine. This mobile application allows the user to interact with the coffee machine via their mobile phones or tablets and share pictures and videos to the coffee machine display.

  • Simultaneous product delivery

The simultaneous product delivery system of the ONE allows you to deliver different beverages, milk, steam and hot water all at the same time!

  • Twin milk delivery

Deliver two milk products accurately at the same time with the amazing twin milk deliver system of the ONE.


Automatic milk frothing and delivery with a push of one button
Americano bypass for authentic Americanos at the push of a button 
Includes single milk pump system
Milk pumped from side refrigerator or under-the-counter refrigerator (Refrigerator not included)
Set different milk temperatures and textures for each drink

  • Lowest cost of ownership of any super automatic commercial espresso machine with auto milk feature
  • Single component two-piece dispensing outlet for easy cleaning
  • Patented milk rinsing technology rinses entire system with cold water and air
  • Daily cleaning cycle only requires operator to add detergent


Touch screen user interface (48 products)

  • Stainless steel 18-gram patented brew group
  • Dual grinders made by Ditting™
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Easy 3-step automatic daily cleaning program
  • Hot water outlet with different temp. options
  • 2-year parts warranty

Dimensions W x D x H (in) 24 x 23 x 31

Weight (lbs) 189.6

Voltage (v) 220

Water Boiler (L) 0.5

Steam Boiler (L) 1.9

Boiler Power (w) 6700

Required with all Egro machines
Rancilio Egro One Cleaning Tablets Kit 
Rancilio Egro One Water Filter System Kit 

*Water must remain at 2-4 GPG or warranty will be voided - a dedicated water softener/filter is required. Water must be maintained in accordance with the Rancilio Group NA water quality statement.


NEXT Fixed Android™ Tablet: 1920x1200 10.1" touchscreen with icon-based navigation & fully customiziable layouts
Standard touchscreen: Industrial color touchscreen with 8 pages & up to 48 drinks
Keypad: Simple 10 button keypad (16 products with shift option)

iSteam: Intelligent steam wand automatically froths & steams milk
iSteam Plus: Intelligent steam wand with extra power automatically froths & steams milk (up to 35% faster than
standard iSteam, available on NEXT & ONE Pure Coffee models)
Americano Single Cup Bypass: enables machine to deliver authentic Americanos into a single cup
Self-Adjusting Grinder: automatically adjusts the coffee grind size to compensate for environmental changes
Automatic Spout: automatically adjusts the delivery spout to the correct cup size
Under Counter Grounds Chute: chute that diverts ground coffee to under counter waste container; not available
when an under counter fridge is installed directly under the machine
External Hot Water Outlet: hot water delivered through a separate outlet to the right of the drink spout
Self-Service Package: includes locks for hoppers, grounds drawer, and fridge, as well as cup stopper pins
Powder Module: Enables machine to deliver up to two types of powder; for example, chocolate for mochas and hot
Credit Card Reader: Credit card reader for self-service payment, mounted on a side 6” housing unit; when powder
module is also purchased, credit card is mounted door to powder module. Contact RGNA for more information
Cool Coffee Module: Rapidly cools coffee after brewing for best-quality iced beverages