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Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan Antigua

USDA Certified Organic
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5 for $39.25 $7.85per pound
Click "Customize and Buy" to choose Type, Roast and Grind for your wholesale coffee bean order of Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan Antigua in 5 pound bulk bags. Cupping Notes: Snappy acidity, medium body, with rich spicy fruit notes and a sweet finish.

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5 for $39.25 $7.85per pound

Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan Coffee

If you’ve tried a multitude of good-smelling organic coffees before, you know why Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan coffee is a stand-out choice amongst the lot. Fair Trade certified organic coffees make sure that the farmers are never deprived of their fair share of premiums on the harvested crops. Environmentally sustainable farming assures ecological stability and the idyllic pastoral feel of the crops.

In Guatemala, small farms or the haciendas take part in producing organic coffee in bulk with the distinct individuality ascribed to each coffee lot, depending on the micro-climate conditions and processing varieties. Major organic coffee growing regions comprise of Antigua, Huehuetenango, Atitlan and Nuevo Oriente in Guatemala. Huehuetenango, with the highest elevation of 2000 meters produces full-bodied, toffee tasting coffees. These principle locations and the rich, volcanic clay support bulk production of organic fair trade coffee beans immensely.

If you favour Central American coffee with a fruit blend, jump-start your day with these creatively crafted organic coffee beans.

Growing Region:

High altitude is a boon for Guatemalan organic bulk coffee cultivation. The volcanic soils in Guatemala are optimal for gourmet coffees with the elevation limits of 4500-5600ft. The dry and humid seasons aid Guatemalan organic coffee beans bulk production and help the beans mature evenly with temperature ranging from 19-22 degree Celsius. The geographical indications set the standards for high quality, extremely well renowned coffees with the much needed annual precipitation around 1200 mm, maintaining a constant humidity of 65%.

Harvested during the season of January to mid-March, these organic coffee lots are washed and sun-dried on patios for the tartly sweet taste and a silky smooth finish.
Organic coffee wholesalers & organic coffee wholesale suppliers are always optimistic about their gourmet quality organic wholesale coffee orders from the Guatemalan farmlands for their innate velvety charm, lively aroma balancing a not-so-high acidity and floral accents.

Why Buy Organic Guatemalan:

Nothing stimulates like a steaming mug of exceptionally high-rated coffee travelling all the way from the shady heights of Guatemalan mountains and highlands.

While buying Guatemalan coffees make sure that they are organically cultivated and have the proper Fair Trade certification of purity and standard. Organic farming practices restrict the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides that erode the soil. Crop researchers inspect the leaf, soil and the crops for the indication of chemical wastes, if any. They also inspect and survey the roasting methods to ensure that the beans you have in your cup are 100% free of harmful chemicals.

For your organic coffee beans wholesale orders, prefer the suppliers & marketers who sell coffee beans harvested naturally under tree canopies and maintain the processing standards as high-rated as the European coffees. That’s how you can ensure your cup of Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan is a good one which adheres to the established standards of organically grown coffees.

As an organic coffee drinker, it’s very important to know that the farmers are paid for their efforts. Fair Trade pricing practices ensure highest premiums on the coffee harvests, compared to the existing floating market rates, so that the coffee harvesters enjoy better living standards and financial security in a vacillating pricing regime.

Apart from the pricing logistics, it’s the incredible and irresistibly good taste that has made Fair Trade Guatemalan organic coffee ‘’a drinkers’ delight’’. Organic coffee bulk 5lb bags unleash a woody, oak like tasting coffee with sunny acidity that sticks to your buds.

Enjoy exceptionally good-flavoured coffee at attractive discounts from the suppliers & distributors of organic fair trade coffee beans wholesale market.

To taste the enduring farmland feel of Huehuetenango or Antigua you have to come back to Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan time and again.