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Organic Fair Trade Brazil

USDA Certified Organic
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5 for $42.55 $8.51per pound
Click "Customize and Buy" to choose Type, Roast and Grind for your wholesale coffee bean order of Organic Fair Trade Brazil in 5 pound bulk bags. Cupping Notes: light sweetness, dark chocolate, earthy notes, pepper, creamy body, hint of vanilla, sweet as it cools

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5 for $42.55 $8.51per pound

Fair Trade Organic Brazil

If you’ve tasted a cappuccino before, you might have tasted the coffee from Brazil. Most of the Brazilian coffees are of Arabica and Robusta variant beans, mechanically stripped off the trees before they get fully ripened. But there are rare exotic varieties of organically grown, handcrafted coffees like the Fair Trade Organic Brazil, to make you a real ‘coffee convert’. If you want your beans to be beautifully handpicked, you have to come to the land of Brazil.

Brazil, a connoisseur in organic coffee beans bulk production, producing almost 40% of the world’s exquisite and export-quality coffees, retains its legacy for more than 150 years. The unique thing about the Brazilian organic coffees is they are not high grown. Coffee estates are largely concentrated in the regions of Minas Gerais, Parana and São Paulo, mostly grown at an elevation of 600-1200m with ideal geographic indications for gourmet quality, organic wholesale coffee production.

Fair Trade organization has immensely helped the coffee artisans with technical supports by making positive changes in the life and community of these coffee harvesters for a steady growth of organic bulk coffee cultivation while minimising the risk of price manipulation in the organic wholesale coffee markets.

Coffee Growing Region:

The finest quality Brazilian organic coffees are grown in lesser elevations than 5000 ft. which you get to find in the common coffee growing regions of East Africa, Central America and Columbia. The lower altitudes add to the rounded sweetness these organically crafted coffees are known for.

The grower-harvesters of Fair Trade Organic Brazil coffees are encouraged to trim the coffee trees at the end of each harvest season from May-September for better harvests in future.

The beans of Arabica Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Catuai varieties are cultivated in the regions of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Parana. The rugged lands south to Minas Gerais and north-east of São Paulo state are the hubs of these prominently good tasting coffees with a dependable, clear weather and temperate climate throughout the harvest season. The rich red soils, perfect for the organically treated specialty coffees & the relatively dry weather help the coffee beans to mature and get dried evenly. This helps to get the well-balanced sweetness with lesser acidic tendency.

Why Buy this Coffee:

What makes Fair Trade Organic Brazil a standout choice is its innate sweetness and less acidic taste, due to its naturally processed beans. These ‘Fair Trade’ certified organic coffees are shade grown, highest tasting and 100% original Arabica quality coffees, carefully inspected for cup profiles. The coffee beans are harvested in an environment friendly, natural set up, bereft of any chemical usage and pesticides, to promote biological conservations like the forests and bird populations. It makes you savour the smell of earth in their sun-dried and baked body, peppery and creamy notes, with a vanilla undertone.

You can explore these organic coffees in bulk. Organic Fair Trade coffee beans bulk can be found with the organic coffee wholesale suppliers and organic coffee wholesalers online. Discounts are available from suppliers and distributors of Organic Fair Trade coffee beans wholesale. To make a world free from harmful chemical and toxic pesticides, it’s better to invest in a cup of Fair Trade Organic Brazil.

The organic coffee bulk 5 lb packs unload the true carnival spirit of Brazil; a good tasting, truly stimulating coffee that helps the Brazilians to keep wide awake through the nights of carnival. It is the secret to finest organic wholesale coffees and a great way to boost environment by purchasing certified organically sun-dried coffees made out of natural fertilizers only.

Cupping Notes

light sweetness, dark chocolate, earthy notes, pepper, creamy body, hint of vanilla, sweet as it cools