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Organic Fair Trade Colombian

USDA Certified Organic
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5 for $41.80 $8.36per pound
Click "Customize and Buy" to choose Type, Roast and Grind for your wholesale coffee bean order of Organic Colombian Cooagronevada in 5 pound bulk bags. Cupping Notes: Creamy body with medium acidity. Sweet, milk chocolate, caramel with floral notes

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5 for $41.80 $8.36per pound

Organic Colombian Coffee

There is something truly inimitable about the stellar Colombian coffee that has ranked Colombia among the first three producers of gourmet coffee beans worldwide. Being the leading producer of washed Arabica beans, Colombia wins hands down in assimilating various indigenous and ethno-centric profiles expressed in cups.

Indigenous organizational bodies like the Colombia FTO ANEI has joined hands with local farmers and the organic fair trade coffee beans wholesale suppliers to ensure better prices and quality outputs. The ANEI foundation backs the ethnic spirit of the Colombian communities around the region of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía del Perijá where economic instability has played havoc on the lives of the farmer-harvesters. This remarkable endeavour has resulted in strengthening cultural bonding and preservation of environment, like forests, flora and fauna of the surrounding areas & prompted the foundation to turn coffee into a profitable source of earning revenue. More than 700 families and indigenous groups work for these foundations to counter the competitive farming practices that have previously impacted the regional markets.

Extensive range of organic coffee in bulk comes from these foundation-supported northern regions of Colombia with the exceptional efforts by the team of 112 womenfolk. The smallholding coffee-harvesters work towards maintaining the bio-diversity & sanctity of the environment by using organic farming methods and create better trade equations between customer-producers. That’s how you get the savour the pristine Colombian organic coffees with their innate rustic charm at best prices.

Coffee Growing Regions:

Majority of organic fair trade coffee beans bulk are produced in the micro-climate conditions of Colombian highlands. The wind patterns, temperature variations and nearness to Equator contribute to the diversity in single-origin coffee profiles from the cultivation zones of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Cesar, Magdalena and other coffee-growing constellations.

From the central provinces of Caldas, Quindio and Antioquia organic bulk coffees are exported in good numbers. They are famous for their sweetly nutty notes and softness coupled with a low acidity best suited for the breakfast coffees. The northern part of Colombia, where the altitudes are low and the temperatures are high, produces full-bodied cup profiles with less crispy and slight acidic tones. The south-western regions of Cauca, Nariño and Huila,with the rising mountains, yield gourmet coffees known for their sharp acidity & heightened floral sensations.   

Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada coffees are grown at an altitude of 2900-4300 ft approx., overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The rainforest conditions and the slowly rising elevations make it perfect for organic coffee harvest. The climate is good enough to tap in moisture needed for maturation of the beans.

Why Buy Organic Colombian:

To the coffee enthusiasts, coffee and Colombia are inseparable. It’s just about the fascinating journey of the beans from the coffee farms to the farthest corners of the globe, uniting coffee-lovers in appreciation and make them longing for Colombian signature coffees.

Organic coffee wholesale suppliers and the organic coffee wholesalers work together with the regional distributors to discover and deal out distinctively different micro-lot offerings from Nariño, Tolima, Cauca, and Huila, to name a few. They also explore the not-so-known upcoming coffee growing regions to celebrate the conventionally good tastes and educate the buyers about the origin specifications where the supreme coffees hail from.

So, if you are tired of unpleasant, bitter roasted coffees, make room for this organic Colombian escapade. The organic coffee bulk 5 lb bags truly unleash the flavour of coffee fiesta at affordable discounts from online distributors & suppliers of organic coffee beans bulk and organic coffee beans wholesale. To ensure healthier options for you and the mother earth, nothing matches a Colombian cup!