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Mocha Java

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5 for $41.45 $8.29per pound

Mocha Java Blend

The blend of Yemen Mocha & the Java Estate coffee beans was destined to be the world’s first historical coffee blend. The eighteenth century faraway traders sailed through the port of Mocha, south-west part of Yemen en route to south-east Asian ports, like Java and picked up bold & earthy coffees from there. On their way back they would stock up fruitier coffees from the African Red Sea region. The pungent, fruity notes were paired just right with the bold & deeper beans from Indonesian Java to produce world’s oldest blend, Mocha Java.

Today, those inspired from the original blend hardly uses the region specific factors and replenish the taste with the proximate varieties. Gourmet coffees from Sumatra & Ethiopia are picked as variations on the original Java and Yemen Mocha components of the blend. Mocha is full-bodied, naturally processed beans with bright, wine like acidity whereas Indonesian beans leave mouthful of rich, exotic finish filled with deep earthen hints. When cupped together, the result is fabulously aromatic & nuanced. Fascinating enough, the basic spirit and the character are never lost in the blend process. Till date, the combination rocks!

Taste Characteristics:

Sipping a Mocha Java blend is almost like listening to a good fusion – well conceived and never out of sync. The perfectly balanced cups of mild & delicate floral hints merge seamlessly with deeper notes of earth and aromatic woods. Smooth, chocolaty notes get carried into subtle yet astringent finish in an exclusive Mocha Java blend.

Yemen Mocha coffees are much talked of their pronounced taste of tropical fruits while almost smelling like wine. The naturally processed Arabica-Heirloom coffees exude the truly African gut associated with the strong flavor. That’s how the Mocha Java blend gets its sweetly, citrus flavor to complement the earthy, rich Java beans.

Growing Region:

Though the Arabica coffee trees were first spotted in Ethiopia along the Red Sea, Yemen Mocha coffee was the first bulk to be traded outside the rocky, south-western peninsular. The 100% Arabica coffees called Mocha were named after the trade port of Al-Makha. The Yemen Mocha legacy continues even today with the drying of the beans on the stone terraces. Mocha Java blend, the first recorded blend in the coffee antiquity succeeded in mixing two polar opposites – the fruity and pungent acidity of Yemen Mocha complemented by its earthy, mellow-toned Java equivalent.

Ethiopian Harrar is also the Arabica variety sharing a fruity, wine-like, astringent acidity just like the Yemen Mocha. Due to their similar cup characteristics & the identical naming, Ethiopian Harrar coffees are often called Mocha or Moka to raise the complexity in the coffee nomenclature. Several roasters prefer dry-processed Ethiopian Harrar beans to the Yemen counterpart for their ‘Mocha’ component as they are brightly acidic and somewhat less expensive than the Yemen Mochas.

A similar sort of substitution goes with the Java component too. Wet processed Java Estate beans are highly replaced by another Indonesian coffee marvel - Sumatran coffee beans. Often blenders prefer Sumatran coffees as they are more proximate to the traditional Java component in style & character and they’re highly acclaimed for their superior earthy richness.

Why Buy Mocha Java Blend:

It’s no less fascinating to know how the Europeans managed to get the best of both worlds – to capture the extreme polarities of two distinct coffee growing regions & blend them into a classic blend variety.

The sun dried & naturally processed Mocha beans mingle freely with the wet processed Indonesian beans to create an exotic infusion. The wildness of the African Mocha is somehow tamed by the Indonesian Arabica varieties. As the African coffee berries are allowed to dry on the trees, this natural slow drying process lends the berries their wild flavour of the forests coupled with the lightly fermented aftertaste. The earthier tasting Sumatran beans are good enough to shadow this wildness in coffee tastes. You get to relish a perfect harmony that makes this exotic coffee blend melt in your mouth in a sweetly citrus, wine-like finish.

The best way to cater to your wholesale ‘specialty coffee’ demand is to connect to the online suppliers and distributors of Mocha Java blend. Get the taste of age-old premium quality blend at lucrative packages & discounts to savor the exhilaratingly ‘winey’, chocolaty smoothness - the best coffee connection you can ever imagine!

To experience superior coffee blends try this most versatile one with intense aroma of fermented fruits and well-toned flowers. After a sip you’ll get to know why coffee cravers from all over the world keep coming back to the ageless Mocha Java!