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Guatemalan Antigua Bella Carmona

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5 for $36.95 $7.39per pound
Click "Customize and Buy" to choose Type, Roast and Grind for your wholesale coffee bean order of Guatemalan Antigua Bella Carmona in 5 pound bulk bags. Cupping Notes: Deep chocolate notes, caramel notes, sweet, citric, complex, bright acidity, full body

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5 for $36.95 $7.39per pound

Guatemalan Antigua Coffee at its Best

Had you been to the colonial city of Antigua, and walked down the cobbled streets, meandering ways through the Baroque architecture, coloured buses, greeted by people in traditional clothing beside the yellow-orange facades, you know there’s something unique and inimitable about this valley of Guatemala. The Antigua experience gets even better with its steaming gourmet coffee, a captivating taste that grows on the drinker. Archetypal Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona, a coffee that hails from the Antigua region of Guatemala, can be a perfect companion to the languid and leisurely walk.

In Guatemala, small to medium holding farms, Haciendas contribute largely to the coffee production and wholesale distribution. One who’s been to Bella Vista, a medium sized coffee plantation, knows the zest and the vigour that goes into making the Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona beans so succinctly special. It’s an endeavour of the Zelaya family, who owns and manages the farm for four decades, to offer the perfect taste of single-origin coffees, handcrafted and sun roasted before they slip into the hands of the suppliers and distributors. Harvested from the Caturra and Bourbon varieties of the Arabica coffee trees, the stellar Guatemalan Antigua coffee unleashes a medium-bodied, bright and tangy taste.

Guatemalan Antigua Taste Characteristics – An Aromatic Delight

What makes Guatemalan Antigua a class apart from the run-of-the-mill harvests is its well-rounded smoothness and robust feel. The sweetness of caramels and chocolate is mingled with the acidic undertones of orange and lemon, full of complex flavours leaving you a lingering freshness all the way. For the gourmet coffee lovers, it’s nothing but an aromatic escape.

Guatemalan Antigua coffee beans get the richness from the volcanic soils and the balanced rainfall required for the coffee plants. This specialty coffee plants, pronounced by its sharp and sweet-medium acidic aroma is grown strictly under the shades of the Gravillea trees on the Bella Carmona hacienda. Harvested during the months of December to April, the coffee beans are de-pulped, washed & sun dried on the patios, then stored, cupped and classified before they get ready for the bulk exports.

The conventional fermentation process adds on to the taste of slowly-roasted, strong chocolaty flavor that has pushed Guatemala Antigua coffee to another world. For the coffee-cravers, it’s the preferred taste mixing citric acidity, sweetness of caramel with a strong cocoa burst.

The Coffee Growing region

Had it not been the well-drained soils and the subtropical highland climate, the hallmark Guatemalan coffee would not have been possible. Situated on the highlands of 1500m-1800m on the southern slopes of the volcano Agua, the Bella Carmona plantations experience a dry sunny day with cool spring like evenings.

Guatemala is known for its volcanic mountains rising up to 13000 feet. Cradled in the Antigua valley, dwarfed by the three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, the Guatemalan Antigua coffee plantations enjoy a perfect balance of sunshine and rainfall through the harvest period. Volcanic pumice helps to trap in moisture required for the less-humid, sunny climate, best to produce one of the world’s finest gourmet coffees.

Why Buy Guatemalan Antigua Single-Origin Coffee

Coffee has been a staple crop, grown in Guatemala since 1850s, and Antigua was one of the places to start off. Guatemala enjoyed a privileged place in coffee production till coffee leaf rusts started in 2012. Still, you’ll find Guatemalan Antigua coffee indispensable for your wholesale gourmet coffee orders. Coffee importers work with brokers and distributors to import the un-roasted coffees in bulk.

The suppliers and distributors custom roast the coffees for its drinkers; you can get these legendary Guatemalan Antigua coffees at the wholesale prices online, with discounts on bulk purchases.

Hacienda Carmona and the nearby small holding farms take good care of the Bella Carmona coffee beans from harvest to the milling process till you get the bright, plump taste that builds in your mouth.

Not just the grower or the roaster of the coffee beans add to the gourmet coffee profile, it’s the customer that assesses the goodness of it and appreciates all the hard work that goes into making the superior output. Every cup of Guatemalan Antigua pronounces the persona and originality of the Arabica coffee beans, sophisticated for the drinkers who don’t like the bitter coffee aftertastes. The good morning taste, right for each cup, wakes up the drinkers round the world.

In every cup of Guatemalan Antigua, one can smell a piece of the farmland. Whoever loves the distinctiveness of single-origin coffee will surely love this coffee escapade. It reminds you of the intense journey of the coffee beans, from farm to cup.